Banked to take A2A tech to US as BofA co-leads $20 million investment round

Banked to take A2A tech to US as BofA co-leads $20 million investment round

Banked to take A2A tech to US as BofA co-leads $20 million investment round

London-based Banked, provider of an account-to-account payment method enabling consumers to avoid the card schemes at checkout and pay from their existing mobile banking app, is to enter the US market having completed a $20 million Series A funding round led by Bank of America and Edenred Capital Partners.

7 Daily / Tech Bags with GREAT Weather Resistance (Aer, Wandrd, Timbuk2, Triple Aught Design)

Quick list of 7 tech and edc bags that have great weather resistance. If keeping your tech and other daily essentials safe from the elements is important or you happen to live in a city with regular rainfall these may be some good options to check out!

Which of these would you want with you in a rainstorm? Did I miss any good ones?

Music: “Species” – Diamond Ortiz

#techbags #everydaycarry #whatsinmybag

Bags mentioned in this video:

0:46 – Able Carry Daily Backpack (20L)
Full Review: &t=322s

1:35 – Tortuga Outbreaker Day Pack (20L)
Full Review:

2:14 – Timbuk2 Lane Commuter Backpack (18L)
Full Review: &t=8s

2:54 – Wandrd Duo Daypack (20L)
Full Review: &t=9s

3:48 – Aer Tech Pack 2 (17L)
Full Review: &t=9s

4:20 – Black Ember Citadel R2 (25L)
Full Review: &t=1s

4:53 – Triple Aught Design Axiom 24 Pack (24L)
Full Review: Coming Soon

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Metabo – 5.2 Ah battery pack (English)

5.2 Ah – The strongest battery in the world with the longest run time.
Great freedom: Drive in screws, drill holes, saw, cut, grind, polish and illuminate with 5.2 Ah for even longer – completely without cable. More infos you will find on

The Ultra-M Technology
The Ultra-M Technology stands for the ideal synchronisation and perfect communication
between machine, battery pack and charger. Such efficiencies give you many working
advantages. More under

MBS1021 – All-touch TE Client Technical Enablement – Module 2: Advanced Client Tools

This video covers the Main Menu, the Host Context Menu, the Keyboard Functionality and Advanced Profile Configurations.

5 Ai Tools Better Than ChatGPT (Must See)��

I will show you 5 different Ai tools like ChatGPT that can make you 10x more productive. If you use only open AI you are missing out because there are tons of different artificial intelligence tools that can improve your life.

Signup for FREE for Video Making AI:

Intro: 00:00 – 00:21
Ai Tool No.1: 00:21 – 02:29
Ai Tool No.2: 02:29 – 04:24
Ai Tool No.3: 04:24 – 06:35
Ai Tool No.4: 06:35 – 8:36
Ai Tool No.5: 8:36 – 11:34

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