TrueLayer enters Australian Open Banking market

TrueLayer enters Australian Open Banking market

TrueLayer enters Australian Open Banking market

UK Open Banking startup TrueLayer has hired Brenton Charnley to lead its push into the Australian market.

Verification API: How It Works

Effortless onboarding for everything. Verify your customer’s account details and ownership in seconds using their bank app. Learn more at:

CDR in Australia: are we there yet? | Monoova

CDR and open banking in Australia: are we there yet? Christian Westerlind Wigstrom, CEO and Co-founder of Monoova, shares his thoughts.

Learn more about Monoova:
Get in touch with TrueLayer:

Say hello to open banking payments – the what, the why and the how (Brenton Charnley, TrueLayer)


Scott Farrell’s December 2020 report “Future Directions for the Consumer Data Right” uses the term “payment initiation” 268 times! He clearly identified bank account-to-account payment initiation as a priority for the CDR’s roadmap.

In this presentation, TrueLayer’s Head of Australia, Brenton Charnley, will explain how open banking payments work, share the key success factors learned by TrueLayer in the UK market, and discuss how and when we can implement open banking payments in Australia.

Speaker: Brenton Charnley, TrueLayer
Theme: Growth Pathways

Tech Talk: TrueLayer’s view on open banking potential

Francesco Simoneschi, CEO and co-founder, TrueLayer, a European open banking platform, talks to The Banker’s Joy Macknight about how open banking is changing the face of financial services, as well as the challenges to raising money during the pandemic.
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