Visa rolls out payment instalment APIs

Visa rolls out payment instalment APIs

Visa rolls out payment instalment APIs

Visa has introduced a suite of APIs to help financial institutions and retailers offer their customers the option to pay off instore and online purchases in instalments.

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Visa Dev Webinar: How to use API Key-Shared Secret (X-Pay Token)

Some Visa Developer APIs require an API Key-Shared Secret Authentication, which Visa refers to as x-pay-token. Watch this Visa Dev Webinar to learn what a HTTP Request is – what do the body and headers look like? To help understand why we use x-pay-token. You’ll also get an overview of which APIs require X-Pay Token (save time spent on research for testing).

We wrap things up with a demo of X-Pay Token that tests connection using Postman.

Visa Direct – Payment Channels

Visa Direct Payouts is a single connection to Visa’s network of card and account rails, enabling your clients and end users the ability to reach billions of endpoints worldwide. Learn more about Visa Direct’s connection options and payment channels.

VISA Installments Is Here! Check Out How It Works! | NO Credit Check!!!

Yes the VISA Installments is here. Check out how it works. NO credit check. No new cards, its an added benefit to your VISA Card. You can pay your large purchases in installments. While its only a limited amount of financial institutions offering this benefit, but things are about to change. If you want more info, watch this video and the video within the video (LOL!) Then if you are interested in this feature, call your VISA Card issuer more info!

Check out this website!

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