Wells Fargo bans TikTok from company devices

Wells Fargo bans TikTok from company devices

Wells Fargo bans TikTok from company devices

Wells Fargo has banned TikTok from all company devices, citing privacy and security concerns with the social media app.

Biden Signs Ban on TikTok for Government Devices – What This Means for the App #shorts

Ban comes amid mounting security concerns raised by media, regulators and politicians. TikTok and the Biden administration are in talks over a proposed security agreement. The viral video app is owned by the Chinese company Bytedance. TikTok has been the target of numerous government and institutional bans in the past month. Company created new U.S.-based team for trust and safety issues under pressure from regulators, lawmakers.

Critics are promising a fight; Justice Department declined to comment on the matter. It’s not clear if the meeting has taken place; TikTok has not responded to requests for comment. The U.S. military banned TikTok on its devices three years ago. Wells Fargo did the same in 2020 for its devices. It’s possible that some of the anti-TikTok energy could be channeled into broader legislation. The effort would cover Americans’ data held not only by overseas companies, but also by tech giants.


Good Question: What are the concerns about using TikTok?

A popular app for entertainment and news is now banned on government devices in five states.

US “Pondering” Ban on TikTok

The United States might ban TikTok, India already has. Also this week, Wells Fargo forbade TikTok on company phones, and Amazon briefly banned it before their marketing department threw a fit. What is the future for the embattled platform? Should we use it? And what will all the TikTok teens do now?

Leo Laporte, Louise Matsakis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Phil Libin discuss the ins and outs of TikTok on This Week in Tech.

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